Committees for the Seminar to be held on 27th August 2017

Formation of Committees for the Seminar to be held on 27th August 2017(Sunday) at Constitution Club of India- New Delhi-1

A meeting of “Bahujan Ekta Manch” was held on 5th August 2017.  After due deliberation and discussion with the members present, it was decided that the seminar on “बहुजन भारत – एक सामयिक आवश्यकता” (Bahujan India - a topical requirement) will be held on 27th August 2017 (Sunday). It was also decided that different committees be formed to undertake various responsibilities. Hence, the following sub committees have been constituted to perform their tasks and also to ensure flawless conduct of the event. The details are given as under:

1. Welcome Address

Col RL Ram (Retd)

Sh S S Nehra, Advocate

2. Guests Welcome Committee

Sh Sohan Lal

Sh K K L Gautam, Advocate

Sh GR Smbhriya

Sh B K Gautam, Advocate

Sh Purushottam Kumar

Sh PI Jose, Advocate

3. Programme Conduction Committee 

Sh Hira Lal (IAS Retd), Advocate

Sh RC Meena 

Sh K C Pippal, IES Retd

Sh P I Jose, Advocate

4. Preparation of Invitation, Banner, Back ground papers & Badges for Volunteers

Col RL Ram (Retd) 

Sh KC Pippal

Sh Ram Dayal

Sh R C Meena

Sh KKL Gautam, Advocate

*This committee will also prepare list of invitees and send invitation to all through appropriate means.

5. Committee for Registration and Collection of donations

Sh Achchhey Lal

Dr RC Vyas                                      

Dr Bhagwan Das

Sh HC Mehra                                  

Sh Ashok Pasi

Sh Purushottam Kumar

6.  Committee for provisioning of drinking water and Dinner

Sh Sohan Lal

Sh GR Sambharya

Sh PD Bindoria

Sh Umesh Kumar

7. Committee for Preparation of Mementos and purchase of shawls (Gifts)  

Sh PD Bindoria

Sh Vivek Bhushan Phule

Sh Purushottam Kumar

8. Photo and videography (Hiring and Supervision) Committee                   

Sh Rajkumar Gautam

Sh Jevesh Pippal

9. Committee for Provisioning of Bouquets and garlands

Sh Hira Lal Adcvocate, IAS Retd

Sh Umesh Kumar

10. Media Coverage Committee

Sh OP Mahayan

Sh Manoj Pippal

11. Overall co-ordination with volunteers and Auditorium Management

Sh BK Gautam, Advocate

Sh Devi Lal Singh

Sh Ram Prakash

* This committee will also ensure the- Supervise internal decoration, placement of Banners and Posters, Placement and Briefing to Volunteers.

12. Closing Address and Vote of Thanks

Sh P I Jose, Advocate


Col RL Ram (Retd)


Bahujan Ekta Maunch (BEM)


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