Minutes of RSVS Meeting 171021

Minutes of the RSVS meeting


Minutes of the RSVS meeting held on 17 Oct 2021 at Hall No.204 VK Krishna Menon Bhavan ISIL 9 Bhagvan Das Road, New Delhi-110001.

A meeting of executive body and associated members of RSVS was called at the above mentioned venue and the decision taken there in is shown as under: 

1. It was brought out that the 6th Foundation Day Celebration was planned during Mar 2020 but due to COVID-19 lockdown it could not be conducted. Since the situation has improved, it is now proposed to organise this event on 31Oct 2021 from 11am to 5pm in Hall No. 204, V K Krishna Menon Bhavan, ISIL, 9 Bhagvan Das Road, N Delhi-01.

2. Along with the foundation ceremony, it is customery to conduct a seminar on current national topic or on any subject covered in the objectives of RSVS. After due deliberations it was finalised that the topic of the seminar on 31 Oct 2021 will be as under:

"समग्र स्वास्थ्य एवं चिकित्सा - एक जरुरत 

(Holistic health care - a bare need).

The topic can be made further under the following sub titles:

a) Public health Emergency, Response and programme oriented to reach the unreached.

b) Need for nationalisation of health care system. 

c) Role of nutritious food and minimum income.

3. Chlef guest and guest speakers. Following names were proposed:

Chief guest:

a) Padmshree, (Prof ) Dr Jagdish Prasad, Former DGHS Govt of India

Special Guest:

b) Padmshree (Prof) Dr S N Kureel, Renowned Surgeon, HOD, KGMC Lucknow

Guest of honour:

c) Dr Raj Kumari Bansal, Asst Prof, Govt Medical College Jabalpur (MP)

Guest Invitees:

e) Dr Nitin Kumar Bharti: Outstanding performance in MBBS Course

f) Dr Siddharth Kumar Singh: Outstanding performance in BHMS Course

Note: More guest speakers will be added depending upon their availability and willingness to attend.


4. Reception and guest welcome committee.

a) Sh Hira Lal, Advocate Mob:9871393954

Head of Committee 

b) Dr Jaikaran...Mob: 9958696992, 8851787313

c) Dr RC Vyas

d) Dr Megha Khobragade......Mob: 9013578143

e) Sh P I Jose, Advocate ......Mob: 9811556966

f) Sh Sohan Lal. Mob: 9999932911

5. Committee for preparation of Background paper Banner and Memento.

a) Sh KC Pippal

b) Sh Hira Lal, Advocate Mob: 9717410952

c) Col RL Ram (Retd).. 

c) Sh Purushottam Kumar 

d) Sh PD Bindoria. Mob: 9868099889, 9582137280

5. Reception and Registration Committee

a) Sh Ram Dayal. Mob: 9971875241

b) Sh Shiv Charan Das..Mob: 9650941358

c) Sh Achchhey Lal..Mob: 9868134939

7. Sanchalan Samiti (Programme Conduction)

a) Dr Megha Khobragade

b) Master Ram Prakash... Mob: 9868896227

8. Food and Refreshment Committee

a) Dr Siya Ram....Mob: 9958266309, 9958168308

b) Sh G R Sambhrya..

c) Sh Sohan Lal...Mob: 9949932911

d) Sh Achchhey Lal

e) Sh Ram Dayal

Note: Adequate arrangement for drinking water, tea and Lunch will be made.

9. Media Coverage and Management

a) Sh O P Mahayan. Head of Committee

Mob: 9313677077

b) Sh Surendra Singh, SM NEWS. Mob: 9818418518

e) Sh Anil Kumar Gautam.Mob: 9990941001

10. Committee for public calling to ensure adequate attendance.

a) Master Shri Ram Prakash head of committee

Mob: 9868626335

b) Engr R K Verma.........

c) Sh Achchhey Lal

d) Sh Ram Dayal

e) Sh Shiv Charan Das Mob: 9968213151

g)Sh KKL Gautam, Advocate..Mob:9871911183

Dr Bhagvan Das.....Mob: 9313588669, 9891718874

h) Sh Kamal Singh..

1) Sh Amar Singh...

k) Sh Uttam Singh.... Mob: 9818168773

l) Sh Narender Pal Singh.....Mob: 9871978279

m) Sh Dharm Pal Gothwal... Mob: 9818445213

n) Sh Dhanvir Singh..Mob: 8800634319

11. Members assigned with the various responsibilities are requested to start preparing immediately for the event planned on 31Oct 2021 in coordination with their team members and ensure completion by 29 Oct 2021. Further, it is expected that we all are present at the venue by 10am on 31 Oct 2021,

Col RL Ram (Retd)

Programme Coordinator 

Rashtriya Samagra Vikas Sangh

Mob: 9717410952

Mail ID : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ram Prakash

General Secretary 

Mob: 9868626335